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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made better building disinfection a top priority for facilities managers. Building owners, employers, staff, and visitors all want to be safe as buildings return to full occupancy. The right kind of emergency response to emerging threats is critical to safety. Even if your facilities have not been affected yet, now is the time to take preventative steps to keep buildings and occupants safe.

New Safety Protocols

Better building disinfection starts with the use of EPA-registered disinfectants. These products have proven effective in destroying the coronavirus. All high-touch surfaces (door handles, handrails, counter and desktops, phones, et cetera) need regular disinfecting to limit the risk of spreading pathogens. However, there are also considerations of personal protection equipment (PPE) and educating employees about disinfection and hand washing. Social distancing practices may be required along with a change to seating configurations and traffic patterns. Building managers must also stay informed about the most recent recommendations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and World Health Organization (WHO).

Multilevel PURE-Decon Approach

Pure Air Control’s emergency response to coronavirus environmental cleaning uses a multilevel approach to building disinfection. Our engineered solutions for decontamination use a combination of remediation services that include our PURE-Decon, PURE-Steam HVAC/Coil Cleaning, and PURE-Duct Cleaning systems as well as environmental testing for coronavirus through our EDLab.


There are five levels of disinfection that can be used for the decontamination of the occupied space and HVAC systems.

  • I — Uses electrostatic spraying of an indoor environment focusing on high-touch surfaces and HVAC grills.
  • II — Uses PURE-Decon atomized DEP treatment to sanitize the air handling unit (AHU) and coils.
  • III — Uses PURE-Decon topical cleaning with HEPA vacuuming and the spraying and/or wet wiping surfaces with an EPA-registered sanitizer.
  • IV — Uses the PURE-Duct system to clean ductwork, VAV terminal boxes, and reheat coils.
  • V — The most inclusive level of PURE-Decon service includes levels I-IV but also the disinfection of cabinet interiors, desk drawers, toilets, showers, curtains, linens, towels, and kitchens.

Better Building Disinfection Services

A combination of disinfection methods creates the most effective defense against the spread of pathogens in the building environment.


The EDLab tests for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 on high-touch surfaces and frequently trafficked areas within buildings. Surface swab sampling and RT-qPCR analysis can detect the virus generating results within 5-7 days. Expedited service returns results within 1-2 days.


PURE-Decon is a combination of services using EPA-registered DEPs for disinfecting interior spaces including HVAC equipment and ductwork. Electrostatic DEP sprayers, misters, and steam uniformly coat entire surface areas in places where traditional sprays and wipes don’t reach. These disinfectants kill 99.9 percent of bacteria, mold, viruses, and other microbes anywhere the mist permeates leaving no residue behind.

Better Building Disinfection - Doorway


PURE-Steam HVAC/Coil Cleaning

PURE-Steam deep cleans air handling units with particular attention paid to the coils to improve overall indoor air quality. The the high temperature steam disinfects the entire AHU. This has the added benefit of increased performance and energy efficiency. It is the only Green Clean Institute certified process in North America.

PURE-Duct Cleaning services

PURE-Duct focuses on HVAC components within the ductwork. This process utilizes high-pressure air turbulence that dislodges built-up dust and debris. An industrial-strength negative air vacuum system with a HEPA filter safely collects the debris.


Better Building Disinfection -Ducts


Pure Air Controls Engineered Solutions

You don’t have to wait until one of your building occupants has a confirmed case of COVID-19 before you take action to protect others. Prevention is key and the best way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, or any other air or waterborne pathogen, is with better building disinfection. Contact Pure Air Control Services with questions about our PURE-Decon disinfection service. Call 1-800-422-7873 today or email us here.