10 Nov 2020

Pure Air Control Services understands the importance of safety for businesses. This includes the well-being of both staff and customers. And it is especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic. When it comes to airborne viruses optimal IAQ conditions are critical. An example is SPENGA fitness studio of Seminole, FL. The studio closed two days before […]

15 Sep 2020

We now know that the coronavirus transmits through aerosols and we are learning more about the role HVAC systems play in this transmission. One recent study of healthcare settings detected coronavirus RNA in roughly 25 percent of samples taken from multiple air handlers in these facilities. While no COVID-19 cases were linked to these HVAC […]

04 Aug 2020

HVAC impacts COVID-19 transmission in a few different ways. Pathogens, like the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, spread by inhaling infected airborne droplets. This transmission also results through contact with high-touch surfaces such as door handles, railings, and countertops. Scientists also believe that the coronavirus spreads through aerosol transmission. This occurs when the virus gets dispersed […]

17 Mar 2020

HVAC cleanliness and the proper functioning of air handling units are an important part of regulating airflow and ensuring good indoor air quality. Budgetary concerns may limit the time and attention spent on addressing IAQ issues, but ignoring problems leads to more expensive fixes down the road. Indoor Air Quality Concerns Building and facilities managers […]

10 Mar 2020

Understanding how humidity and temperature impact air quality in operating rooms, intensive care units, and throughout healthcare facilities is important to maintaining good healthcare IAQ. Controlling these levels is a concern for building engineers and facilities managers and they need to communicate this to clinical staff to prevent the spread of infections. What is Psychrometrics? […]

25 Feb 2020

Indoor air quality is always a concern for employers and facilities managers. Poor IAQ impacts the mental and physical health of building occupants. Volatile organic compounds, released into the air from both indoor and outdoor sources, also contribute to low IAQ. Understanding what VOCs are, where they come from, and how to reduce them, helps […]

18 Feb 2020

Our understanding of how particulate matter affects indoor air quality and the well-being of occupants has improved in recent years. This has made issues of IAQ a concern for facilities managers and building owners. Better ways of tracking and interpreting health trends and more streamlined data collection has made it easier to identify the threats […]

11 Feb 2020

Coronavirus was first detected in China in December of 2019. Nearly one hundred people died from the respiratory virus in a single day in February as the overall death toll in the country approaches 1,000. A rise in reported cases of coronavirus in the U.S. has prompted government officials to declare a public health emergency. […]