17 Sep 2019

IAQ app, IAQ Quick Check, lets you easily gather the data needed to fix your HVAC and indoor environmental issues. Building owners, facility managers, purchasing directors, partners, among others are often faced with compiling the specific information needed to get a quote for HVAC system or indoor air quality (IAQ) projects. Sometimes there is only […]

11 Sep 2019

A multi-approach remediation plan was successfully completed to restore the university campus building* after mycotoxin proliferation. Background Part 1 of this 2 part series explained the likely cause of the chemical byproduct of mold and its spread into different areas of the building. It also demonstrated how the Building Sciences and EDLab divisions of Pure […]

04 Sep 2019

Exhaustive environmental investigation of a university campus building* in the Great Lakes region uncovered mycotoxins as culprit of occupant health complaints. Background It’s not uncommon for actively used buildings to have plumbing or roof leaks. A water event of any kind inside of a building must be immediately addressed to prevent other more serious issues […]

28 Aug 2019

Environmental Risk Professionals, LLC recognize Pure Air Controls Services as a Certified Environmentally Responsible Contractor (CERC) Pure Air Control Services, Inc, a world renown Indoor Air Quality firm, earn a CERC certification for their exemplary work in the field by demonstrating a high level of commitment and professionalism to environmental risk management. Certified Environmentally Responsible […]

20 Aug 2019

Pure Air Control Services Awarded New Cooperative Purchasing Contracts for Disaster Restoration and Emergency Recovery Services This two part contract allows The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) cooperative members to quickly and easily procure indoor environmental testing and disaster restoration in their most dire times of need A new two part contract for Disaster Restoration and […]

06 Aug 2019

E&I Cooperative Services Awards Contract for Indoor Air Quality & HVAC Services to Pure Air Control Services Competitively solicited contract offers E&I members services to improve building health, occupant comfort, and energy efficiency in educational facilities. Clearwater, FL – Pure Air Control Services has been awarded a new competitively solicited contract for indoor air quality […]

30 Jul 2019

Steam Coil Cleaning Saves Energy: A Case Study Originally published as a case for Pure Air Control Services and reprinted in the Spring 2017 Issue of HVAC/P Magazine. The Project: Georgia Tech University, founded in 1885, covers over 400 acres and has 275 buildings with 9 million square feet which are occupied by over 25,000 […]

24 Jul 2019

5 questions to ask in the duct cleaning specs before awarding a contract. Lowest price versus best value age old conundrum in facilities purchasing. This is especially true and complicated with professional services. Going with the cheapest solution often realizes short term savings. However, it can cost exponentially more in the long run when the […]

10 Jul 2019

Preventing mold growth in buildings is important to occupant well-being and performance. There are news stories everyday about mold in hospitals, offices and schools making people sick or worse. As a result, buildings shut down, occupants relocated, and costly repairs undertaken. Some organizations even face serious legal action. So, let’s take a quick look at […]

26 Jun 2019

Holistic HVAC hygiene is a common sense, proactive maintenance concept. It demonstrates how each component of an HVAC system works together to provide fresh air exchange and temperature control in a building. A single component being compromised can have a chain effect on the rest of the system and impact building health. Let’s take a […]