Tampa, FL — The outcome of a sample analysis depends on a number of issues. This may include the technical competence of the laboratory staff, standard operating procedures, adequate quality assurance/control, and other good laboratory practices. Apart from these factors, the integrity of analytical results can also be influenced by the overall environmental conditions within a laboratory; […]

A analytical HVAC evaluation performed by the Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab) of Clearwater, FL reported that Staphylococcus aureus, among other pathogens are part of the indoor environment’s bacterial flora in HVAC systems Tampa, FL — Deferred maintenance not only impairs the overall HVAC system efficacy thus causing unnecessary breakdowns, but it also creates an increase in the potential […]

Atlanta, GA — In the indoor environment, settled dust may contain allergens. The nature, type and contents of these allergens may vary depending on the season and location. The assessment of allergens in a house dust sample is an essential step for allergen-avoidance and provides information essential for allergen-reducing measures, in addition to managing the indoor environment […]

“The EDLab staff is pleased to make this valuable and important aero-allergen information available to the public in the Tampa Bay area. It is important to raise our awareness to outdoor and indoor air quality issues, which affect our health and well-being, and the AAA is contributing to that awareness,” states Dr. Sahay. Tampa, FL — In […]

With rising energy costs, lower maintenance budgets and decreased indoor air quality are challenges facing every facility manager, both private and public, across the country. Washington, DC — Dr. Rajiv Sahay, Director of Laboratory Services and colleague Francisco Aguirre, Director of Building Sciences with Pure Air Control Services provided a presentation to the EPA CIAQ members […]

Tampa, FL –Pure Air Control Services has been recognized as one of the Top 25 Hispanic-Owned Businesses in the Bay Area and is featured on the annual list in the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s Book of Lists May 16, 2014. The List is ranked by 2013 revenue and is limited to companies that are at least 51 […]

With rising energy costs, lower maintenance budgets and decreased indoor air quality every facility manager across the country is faced with how to deal with the new challenges.  New York, NY – Let’s start with a 157% return on investment (ROI).  Where on earth can someone get this kind of return?  Not a savings account, not the stock […]

Successful management of common dust (house dust), related health and hygienic care requires a two-fold approach (i.e. clinical diagnosis of the sufferer and environmental monitoring of the dwelling). Atlanta, GA — In the indoor environment, settled dust may contain a number of biogenic and a-biogenic entities.  The nature, type, and contents of microbial populations harbored by the […]

23 Apr 2014

Tampa, FL — Allergy and immunological disorders are identified as one of the most important health concerns of modern time. The number of people suffering from these types of ailments related to respiratory allergens is growing day by day. An estimated 22% of the population is suffering from some form of allergic disease (this data is based […]

With ‘‘health care–associated infection’’ or ‘‘HAI’’ also known as nosocomial infections within healthcare facilities on the rise, adopting the PURE-Steam coil cleaning and HVAC cleaning process has helped keep the hospitals airstream clean and sterile. Tampa, FL – What does Roper St Francis (SC),  St. Anthony’s Hospital (FL),  Oak Hill Hospital (FL),  Lakeland Regional Medical Center (FL), […]