Even as vaccination rates increase and case numbers decline, COVID-19 remains a serious threat. The safety of workers, students, patients, and all building visitors remains a top priority for building managers. New in-building traffic patterns and room occupancy guidelines are now permanent. Increased cleaning and disinfecting are the new normal. For ventilation, clean HVAC systems […]

Earlier this month, the U.S. government released a new Covid plan for protecting Americans against the SARS-COV-2 virus and its variants. In 96-pages, the National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan lays out a strategy for protection, prevention, treatment, and preparedness. It also provides guidance for reopening schools and moving the economy forward as vaccinations and testing increase.  […]

07 Mar 2022

IAQ monitoring has always been an important part of keeping building occupants safe. This was true before the pandemic and is even more true now. Toward this goal, Pure Air Controls took what was already an award-winning monitoring service with our IAQ Guard and made it even better. IAQ Guard 2.0 takes smart IAQ monitoring […]

Even before the pandemic began, facilities managers understood the importance of indoor air to the health and safety of building occupants. Of course, COVID increased the attention paid to proper ventilation. As a result, smart building managers developed plans to keep their HVAC systems in peak condition. For those who’ve yet to take this step, […]

18 Feb 2022

  The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic puts indoor air quality in the spotlight. As a result, the public is now more familiar with terms such as IAQ, UV, and bi-polar ionization, as well as aerosol virus transmission. They better understand the importance of ventilation to their health indoors. For many facilities managers, these issues were already […]

The ongoing pandemic stresses the importance of indoor air quality to the health of the students and staff of schools across the US. However, it’s not just health that’s impacted by IAQ. Proper ventilation also improves the cognitive functioning of students which means better test scores and fewer missed days. K-12 and Higher Ed schools […]

07 Feb 2022

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has taught facilities managers and building owners many lessons. For one, it’s taught them the value of developing their HVAC COVID strategies to combat virus transmission. These strategies focus on delivering fresh air into buildings to dilute virus transmission with the help of clean HVAC systems. Even as infection rates fall […]

01 Feb 2022

  It’s been almost two years since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. COVID-19, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 or coronavirus, is a severe acute respiratory syndrome. It spreads despite vaccines and other efforts to contain it. It spreads from person to person through respiratory droplets. This happens when an infected person speaks, […]

  Building managers understand the importance of indoor air quality. It’s the air that workers in office buildings and students in classrooms breathe every day. It’s the air that patients at healthcare facilities and visitors to spas and restaurants take into their lungs. The transmission of airborne viruses is scary enough, but dust, mold, and […]

17 Jan 2022

  The ongoing pandemic puts indoor air quality issues in the spotlight, however, IAQ concerns predate COVID. For example, schools across the U.S. already faced an IAQ crisis in their buildings prior to the coronavirus. In fact, in early 2020, the U.S. General Accountability Office (GAO) published a report revealing that roughly half of U.S. […]