ARP HVAC Funds for Schools

In March of this year, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) of 2021. The plan provides COVID-19 relief for a nation struggling with the ongoing global pandemic. Because the closure of schools has had such a profound effect on young students, the ARP funds HVAC repair and improvements in schools to make them safe for returning students.

The rescue plan earmarks $123 billion for K-12 schools. Known as Elementary and Secondary Emergency Education Relief (ESSER), this money makes it possible for schools to make much-needed repairs and upgrades to aging mechanical systems and to improve indoor air quality. This helps lower the risk of virus transmission and creates a safer learning environment for children. 

American Rescue Plan Funds School HVAC Repair

School districts that use this funding for inspections, testing, repair, and replacement of aging and outdated equipment lower the risk of COVID infections. This includes improvements to mechanical systems that control heating, cooling, and ventilation. It also allows for air filtering and purification devices to keep the air free from pathogens. Pure Air Control’s Healthy Schools Program addresses all of these specific issues with a comprehensive, systematic approach. 

Use ARP HVAC Funds Towards a Healthy Schools Program

The Healthy Schools Program uses a series of systems and services to neutralize pathogens, like SARS-CoV-2, while monitoring environmental conditions. Pure Air Control services also include inspections, testing, and disinfecting of HVAC systems to improve airflow and IAQ. In addition, our air purification devices are easy to install and provide around-the-clock clean air to classrooms. 

The program includes the following key features:

Baseline Evaluation

Environmental testing identifies IAQ issues so they get addressed quickly. It is also essential in verifying that buildings are free of viruses and safe for children to return. Pure Air Control’s Building Health Check includes baseline environmental testing for the coronavirus. Our HVAC Hygiene Assessment includes a visual inspection of the air handling unit, evaporator coils, drain pan, blower, and ductwork. Collected samples get analyzed by our EDLab to determine what pathogens exist so the appropriate actions get taken. Using ARP HVAC funds towards testing lowers the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Clean and Restore HVAC Systems

PURE-Steam HVAC cleans the evaporator coil and interior of the air handling unit using high-temperature steam. This destroys bacteria, molds, and allergens as well as viruses. The HVAC New Life™ process uses antimicrobial paint to restore the system to near-factory specifications.

Reduce Particles 

PURE-Duct cleaning uses specialized equipment to go deep inside HVAC ductwork and knock debris loose with high-pressure air turbulence. Once knocked out, particles get removed with an industrial-strength vacuum system with a HEPA filter. Also, the installation of fiberglass duct board helps maintain the structural integrity of ductwork.

Neutralize Pathogens

Using ARP HVAC funds on a system such as PURE-Decon building disinfection helps target HVAC equipment and ductwork. This process uses EPA-registered Disinfectants for Emerging Pathogens (DEP) to reach areas left untouched by topical cleaning.

Monitor Conditions

With IAQ Guard installed in school buildings, real-time data on temperature, relative humidity, CO2, VOCs, and particles get delivered to a remote building sciences team. Addressing changes to IAQ means learning continues uninterrupted.

Air Purification

Air purifiers use EnviroSmart™ detection technology to adjust to conditions in the room. As a result,  any change in occupancy or motion affects their performance. Air cleaning devices use either multi-stage HEPA filtration, PURE-Plasma bi-polar ionization, or both. They operate quietly as they rid the air of allergens, volatile organic compounds, molds, bacteria, and odors too. Classroom air purifiers keep students and staff safe.

Use ARP Funds for School HVAC Repairs and Upgrades

Pure Air Control Services helps schools improve the indoor air quality of their facilities and reopen safely. To learn more, contact Pure Air Control Services today.