Air Handling Unit Disinfection Important

We now know that the coronavirus transmits through aerosols and we are learning more about the role HVAC systems play in this transmission. One recent study of healthcare settings detected coronavirus RNA in roughly 25 percent of samples taken from multiple air handlers in these facilities. While no COVID-19 cases were linked to these HVAC systems, the need for air handling unit disinfection is vital in keeping buildings safe.

Importance of Air Handling Disinfection

In HVAC systems, filters are key to keeping the supply air clean and safe in air handling units. Even high-rated MERV filters require regular inspection and replacement as needed. It doesn’t make sense to invest money in an HVAC system but not maintain it. Overall maintenance of air handling units and supply ductwork is also important. That’s why Pure Air Controls offers IAQ solutions with air handling unit disinfection, maintenance, and restoration.

AHU Disinfection and Duct Cleaning

Several factors degrade the efficiency of filters over time. These include insufficient air flow, not enough run time, the buildup of dust and debris, and ill-fitting filters that allow too much bypass. These issues circulate particulate matter throughout the building.

Problems with the overall HVAC system lead to issues with humidity and moisture levels which can lead to mold. Proactive efforts keep IAQ from developing. Changing filters is a good first step, but inspecting cabinets and ductwork for leaks is important as well. Leaks also lead to energy inefficiency which is money wasted.

The worst place for leaks is in the air handler cabinet. This is where air pressure is highest. Sealing leaks in any seams and holes made to accommodate piping and wiring improves the overall efficiency of the unit. Addressing leaks along with air handling unit disinfection yields the best results in improving IAQ.

Also, when choosing a vendor for duct cleaning, first, know who you are dealing with and ask the right questions in the duct cleaning specs before you award a contract. Also, make sure they are a NADCA-certified vendor like Pure Air Control Services.

3 AHU Disinfection Solutions

Preventing the spread of infections and improving IAQ and energy efficiency—these are big jobs. However, Pure Air Control’s AHU disinfection and inspection methods help building managers get results.

1. HVAC Hygiene Assessment

An HVAC hygiene assessment gives building managers the information they need to make changes, schedule air handling unit disinfection, and improve IAQ. The evaluation includes a visual inspection of the coils, drain pan, blower, and ductwork, but performance testing also provides important data on air pressure and airflow. Testing for bacteria and fungi is also performed. The resulting report offers advice and solutions for AHU disinfection, repairs, and improvements.

2. PURE-Steam™ HVAC coil cleaning

Studies have shown that microbial contamination of HVAC systems impacts the health of building occupants. As a result, you need a total solution to AHU disinfection. PURE-Steam goes inside the AHU to clean and restore the unit to near factory specifications. It’s the only Green Clean Institute certified process in North America. Using temperatures up to 350° F, the system kills bacteria, molds, and allergens while pushing dust and debris through the coil. Using PURE-Steam once or twice a year keeps the air clean and safe for building occupants.

3. Environmental Coronavirus Testing

In this age of pandemics, environmental testing of inside air is critical to maintaining healthy buildings. The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 spreads through the air and can also attach to surfaces. For this reason, schoolrooms, offices, healthcare settings, and any shared spaces present a risk for the spread of the virus.

The Coronavirus Environmental Test from Pure Air Controls looks for viruses on hard surfaces including high-touch surfaces such as door handles, phones, hand railings, and office equipment. If detected, a mitigation plan gives managers the tools to deal with the problem. After the collected samples undergo testing at our EDLab, building managers receive a user-friendly report. This gives the building clearance of risk and assures customers, staff, and building visitors that the building is safe.

Pure Air Controls Solutions

Pure Air Control Services improves IAQ with air handling unit disinfection and related services. Find out how we can create a healthier indoor environment for your business. Contact Pure Air Controls today.