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Indoor air and environmental quality is essential to a successful recovery.

Businesses, landlords, building managers, tenants, facilities staff, employees, building occupants and homeowners are all effected by indoor air quality because it can impact both positively and negatively the health, safety, comfort, well being, and productivity of building occupants. Whether it’s mold, chemicals, allergies, stale air, odors or other issues that concern you, Pure Air Control Services’ expert team of building scientists, industrial hygienists and microbiologists, assists by conducting professional and comprehensive indoor air quality investigations.

Pure Air Control Services utilizes the latest technology in indoor environmental monitoring such as infrared imaging, measuring air flow, building pressurization logging, laser particulate monitoring, and more to help identify the potential causes of an air quality concerns. Samples are collected and sent to an our Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory for professional analysis.

Insurance and Claim Services

  • Catastrophic Microbial Assessments
  • Industrial Hygiene evaluations
  • Building Health Check evaluations
  • HVAC system damage claim
  • Property Damage Claim Review
  • Workers Compensation Assessment
  • Restoration Review

Upon field inspection and examination and review of the analytical lab data, our building scientists prepare a complete report of identified concerns to determine baseline conditions with recommendations for appropriate solutions (if any) to improve the indoor environment within your workplace or home.

Whether a storm damaged building or home, a water event, a post remediation assessment, a HVAC system leak, chemical concern, a due diligence assessment, a worker’s compensation claim, a clearance request our professional building sciences team is ready to serve..

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