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Create the PURE-Fect Sleep room, reduce maintenance calls & save energy.

The presence of mold/bacteria in air handling units, in ductwork, behind walls and within furnishings can negatively impact your guest’s experience. Not to mention your property’s reputation. In addition, in the hospitality industry guest rooms are typically kept at a slightly negative pressurization as a result of constant toilet exhaust fans venting to the outside and pulling air into the room under the door. These contaminants can also affect the health and comfort of guests.

At Pure Air Control Services we take “Going Green” in hospitality properties to whole new level. One of the specialized IAQ services we provide is PURE-Steam HVAC/Coil Hygienic Cleaning. The service utilizes high temperature and low pressure steam to disinfect the both fan coil units as well as larger air handling units.

Benefits of PURE-Steam for Hospitality

• Reduced Guest Complaints
• Higher Guest Satisfaction
• Improved System Efficiency
• Improved Air Flow
• Reduction in Static Pressure
• Improved Cooling Capacity
• Extended Equipment Life
• Improved Indoor Environmental Quality

PURE-Fect Sleep Room IAQ Package for Hotels

We also offer the PURE-Fect Sleep Room package which includes PURE-Steam hygienic fan coil unit cleaning, duct cleaning,  IAQ Monitoring and more to help create a premium, hypoallergenic, room option for your guests.

Hospitality Experience In Their Own Words

Hyatt Hotels

“Thank you for a job well done. I want to compliment you and your indoor environmental team on the level of professionalism exhibited by Pure Air Control Services. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the indoor air quality/HVAC maintenance program that your organization provides the Hyatt is superb. We are very pleased to have Pure Air Control Services organization be a significant part of our indoor air quality/HVAC maintenance team. I would highly recommend Pure Air Control Services to any organization that is interested in developing a proactive maintenance and indoor air quality program as we have done.”

— Sam Cerezo, Maintenance Manager

Carrier Building Services for Marriott Resorts

“I want to personally express my sincere gratitude for the professionalism and expedient remediation job that you and your staff performed at our customers site (Marriott Resort – West VA). They were very confident that the major and critical portions of the work was completed effectively, stating: “everything was spotless”. I can’t describe what that has done for the relationship they now has with us and their trust level in Carrier. It’s a great feeling to know Pure Air Control Services is just a phone call away, and you, the experts, can address any of the IAQ problems our customers might have.”

— Richard A. Wilton, Account Representative

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PURE-Fect Sleep Room Overview

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