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Creating healthier buildings for patients and staff.

An optimized indoor environment for healthcare facilities is our goal.  It’s one of the most important maintenance considerations for the healthcare industry because nosocomial infections and hospital acquired infections (HAI) at an all time high. Indoor air and environmental quality (IAQ) is a critical component for improving patient outcomes, infection control, and staff productivity.

We understand the unique IAQ & HVAC needs of healthcare facilities. That’s why we have developed specialized, hygienic, solutions to address the specific concerns and protocols required for healthcare operations. We help the patient care industry maintain the highest quality IAQ for optimal building health, patient comfort and energy efficiency.

For example, one Florida hospital believes in being proactive with their facility’s maintenance. That approach extends to their management of indoor air quality. About three years ago, this Florida hospital responded to air quality concerns by recruiting the expertise of Pure Air Control Services, Inc.

“It’s a big issue these days”, the hospital Director of Engineering said of IAQ, “Our approach has been instead of waiting until we have a problem let’s make sure our equipment works well to avoid problems.”

IAQ Benefits for Healthcare

• Reduced Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)
• Less workers comp claims and potential lawsuits
• Fewer union grievances
• Optimized HVAC system performance
• Improved energy efficiency – up to 30% savings
• Up to 100% ROI in some cases

Healthcare Experience In Their Own Words

Lakeland Regional Health

“We have showcased your work to our staff to demonstrate our proactive approach to indoor air quality and to let them know that we are concerned about the environment they work in. Employees of LRMC are pleased the commitment made to provide a healthy indoor air environment. We are extremely pleased our professional relationship Pure Air Control Services. I would recommend Pure Air Control Services indoor environmental team to any hospital/medical facility interested in creating a healthy indoor air environment.”

— Michael Childs, Director of Engineering

Broward General Medical Center

“We are at the end of the remediation project for the Operating Room at Broward Medical Center. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the crew for the professional demeanor exhibited during the extensive project. They did an outstanding job working within the established guidelines. The Operating Room (OR) staff was able to work concurrently even with the reduction of Operating Rooms. The project was on schedule or ahead of schedule for each of the six phases. It was a pleasure working with Pure Air Control Services on this project.”

— Fara G. Marino, Director, Surgical Care Center

Bureau of Environmental Toxicology Radon & Indoor Air Quality

“Fast, efficient, cost effective and reliable are the words that come to mind when when using your Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab). In the current condition of an unregulated IAQ industry, it is a pleasure to deal with a professional indoor air quality organization like Pure Air Control Services. The environmental microbial assays provided to the Florida Department of Health have allowed me to better perform my job and to better serve the public in Florida. Thank you and your Environmental Lab Team for a job well done.”

— Dr. Kais K. Al-Ahmady

Healthcare Examples of Past Performance

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Healthcare Experience 2

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