Expert Testimony & IEQ Litigation Support Services

Indoor air quality expertise when you need it.

As a result of the increase in regulatory attention and public awareness regarding the quality of indoor environmental conditions it has resulted in an increase in litigation and claims involving health related concerns and property damage.

Pure Air Control Services provides expertise on moisture issues concerning buildings and building materials, water intrusion assessments, infrared thermography analysis, blower door (pressurization) assessments, Forensic IEQ evaluations, HVAC Hygiene assessments, HVAC sizing/design assessments, HVAC distribution, IEQ/Mold Evaluations screening of indoor air pollutants, defining types of mold/bacteria, factors fostering or restricting mold growth, strengths & weaknesses of various samplers, sample types and laboratory analyses.

With over 150 years of combined IEQ experience, Pure Air Control Services litigation support team with backgrounds in Building Sciences, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC), Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Chemistry, Microbiology provides litigation support services to both plaintiffs and defendants.

Benefits Expert Testimony

  • Works with both plaintiff and defense attorneys concerning matters in IEQ litigation.
  • Evaluates buildings, plans, project specifications, drawings and submittals to determine potential causes of construction issues and/or environmental failures.
  • Prepares interpretive reports concerning building investigations and/or laboratory analysis conducted by others.
  • Provides testimony in mediation, deposition and at trial concerning water damage, HVAC conditions, moisture intrusion, mold growth as well as Legionella support, VOCs, formaldehyde, and/or other chemical contamination within buildings.

Contact our IEQ Litigation Support & Expert Testimony Team to discuss your project. Curriculum Vitae, Rate Schedules, and Retainer Agreements are available upon request.