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Improving IAQ and Saving Energy to Create Healthier Learning Environments

Educational facility and procurement managers across the country have to deal with the new challenges everyday. Common issues include lower maintenance budgets, poor indoor air quality and higher energy costs. We help many educational clients to create healthier learning environments with our services that offer real world ROI. Best of all, we can work around your school’s schedule by performing our services at night, on weekends or over holiday breaks to ensure there is little or no downtime to your facility. Plus, we have national and regional cooperative purchasing contracts to ease the procurement process.

Cooperative Purchasing Partners

These cooperative purchasing contracts have been competitively awarded and completely vetted. They are easy to use saving time and money, especially in the case of an immediate IAQ related issue that could put your staffs’ and students’ health at risk.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has long been a proponent of improving indoor air quality in the nation’s schools stating on their web site that “Poor IAQ can cause illness requiring absence from school, and can cause acute health symptoms that decrease performance while at school. In addition, recent data suggests that poor IAQ can reduce a person’s ability to perform specific mental tasks requiring concentration, calculation, or memory.” IAQ is a critically important aspect of creating and maintaining quality school facilities.

We understand that with tighter operation budgets maintenance in schools if often deferred. But potential savings that can often help to pay for maintenance can be right under an institution’s nose. One example is that dirty or clogged commercial HVAC evaporator coils can lead to higher energy costs. Simply performing a deep environmental cleansing of the evaporator coils with our PURE-Steam Hygienic HVAC and Coil Cleaning service can dramatically improve both energy efficiency and IAQ!  Our proprietary HVAC New Life Hygienic Restoration Service allows schools to refurbish aging equipment for around 1/10th the cost of replacing it with new without the additional headaches of redesign, permitting and campus disruption.

Education Experience In Their Own Words

Florida State University

“I would estimate we are saving 7-10% on the chilled water equipment. Some of this is from reduced fan energy and the rest is from an increased delta T across the coil which reduces pumping energy and increases chiller efficiency. As an estimate 35-40% of our utility bills are for HVAC so just keeping our coils clean should save between $600K to $800K off our utility bills annually at the low end.”

— Tom Shewan, PE Facilities Manager

University of South Florida

“We have experienced nothing less than positive results in all the buildings HVAC systems which you have pure-steamed. It has greatly improved and extended the operation of the equipment and systems, enhanced the air quality for all of our residential students and cut back on maintenance work requests. We look forward to working with you on future preventive maintenance projects.”

— Mark Hauser, Associate Director of Housing

Harvard University Medical School

“We saw dramatic results with steam cleaning, as much as 30% change in pressure over the coils and that hadn’t been cleaned that well in some time. Very happy with the investment.”

— Peter Stroup, PE Director of Facilities

Hernando County School District

“Performance of AHU 23 improved dramatically, in the past the CWV would be open 100% to maintain a 56-59° supply air temperature. Now, it maintains 55° with the valve opened 50-75%. Big improvement.“

— Al Mackey, HVAC Maintenance

School Board of Martin County

“The School Board has had the opportunity to contract with Pure Air Control Services for both air quality testing services and remedial work on air conditioning systems. In each case your company has displayed outstanding knowledge and professionalism in their area of expertise.”

— Wayne Pierson, Deputy Superintendent

Johnson Controls, Education Division

“Your firm provided excellent services for IAQ remediation at Wauchula and Zolfo Springs elementary schools. Your professional approach added significantly to our success. Teachers noticed considerable improvement in the quality of the teaching and learning environment at both schools.”

— Steven Corson, Account Representative

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