Tampa, FL, September 30, 2016 – Laboratory Analysis within the field on Indoor Air and Environment Quality help to paint a complete picture of building health. The methodical study of samples collected by Industrial Hygienists/Individuals is used to not only qualify, but quantify the biological components in and around a specific location. When matched against an outdoor baseline from the test site and a database of previous studies a comprehensive report can rendered with guidance on how to improve the IAQ of that specific location.

ABC News Talks IAQ Laboratory AnalysisABC News Morning Blend TV Show interviewed Dr, Rajiv Sahay, Director of Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab) and Troy Raszka Marketing & Communications Director at Pure Air Control Services about what role laboratory analysis plays in creating healthier indoor environments to enhance the quality of life.

“Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory has a unique expertise in testing biological, chemical and other substances around our places.” Said Dr. Sahay, “It is very important. If you have solid data then you can develop a very good management plan.”

Any kind of environmental sample such as air, surfaces or liquids can be submitted to EDLab for testing and laboratory analysis. For example, air within a building’s interior encompasses many different kinds of microbes that are both biological and chemical in origin which interact with each other. It is critical to pinpoint, detect and identify those entities that can cause a threat to human health and hygiene. Without the proper laboratory analysis it is difficult to maintain optimal indoor air quality.

After the Environmental Diagnostic Laboratory analysis is completed a detailed report is created so that an effective management plan can be developed to correct any issues of concern. While detailed, EDLab generates reports that are easy to understand for professionals and consumers alike.

“This report looks like it would over my head” commented ABC News host Natalie Taylor, “But you really break it down, with color coding, to show people what they have in their house or their workplace!”

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One main area of focus for the laboratory analysis is comparing the quantity of entities found in the supplied samples to a the vast database of similar samples contained in EDLab. In this way a level of hygiene can be established for the site, as well as the severity of the compounds identified. Everyone within an indoor environment will have different sensitivities to the various compounds to which they are exposed. EDLab’s reports are written to help illustrate the thresholds of tolerance to certain substances. The reports also contain a glossary for reference.

Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory analysis is the pivoting step towards improved indoor air and environment quality.

Laboratory Analysis - EDLabAbout Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory:
Founded in 1994 in Clearwater, Florida, EDLab provides comprehensive analysis and services, utilizing state of the art equipment, in the areas of microbiology, aerobiology, allergen assays and microscopy. Throughout the years they have analyzed hundreds of thousands of environmental samples from collected from varying locations worldwide.

For more information on EDLab please contact Dr. Rajiv Sahay at (800) 422-7873 ext.304, or visit www.edlab.org.

About Pure Air Control Services, Inc.
Pure Air Control Services, was founded in 1984 as a small mechanical contracting firm and today sets the industry standard for indoor environmental quality diagnosis and remediation. Pure Air Control Services nationally performed services include: Building Sciences Evaluation; Building Health Check; EDLab a CDC ELITE Environmental Microbiology Laboratory; Environmental Project Management; PURE-Steam Coil Cleaning, HVAC system cleaning and Mold Remediation Services, among other indoor environmental services.

The company’s expanding client roster includes the Harvard University, Jones, Lang LaSalle (JLL), FAA, General Services Administration (GSA); Allstate Insurance; CBRE, Carrier Air Conditioning; NAVFAC, DOT, USACE, US Army, and many other Fortune 500 companies, school boards, and city, state, and county governments, making Pure Air Control Services the reliable industry leader.

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