ABC News Hygienic CleaningNovember 3, Tampa, FL – Recent studies have shown that people spend up to 90% of their time indoors for leisure, work or learning. Climate control provided by HVAC systems brings comfort to these spaces by controlling temperature and humidity. What most people don’t know is that this very system, if not properly maintained, can also have a negative effect on indoor air quality. If the coils within an air handing unit and associated ductwork become impacted with dust and moisture, microbes can begin to grow then be spread throughout a building. That is why an HVAC Hygienic Cleaning is important.

Geoff Stone, Project Manager for Building Remediation Services, and Troy Raszka were interviewed by ABC Action News Morning Blend host Natalie Taylor and demonstrated how Pure Air Control Services PURE-Steam HVAC Hygienic Cleaning can alleviate allergen and mold issues while improving energy efficiency.

“I just learned that this is all safe, I want to point that out right at the beginning,” said Natalie, “We’re actually talking about using only steam, no other chemicals, straight steam.”

PURE-Steam HVAC Hygienic Cleaning is, in fact, the only Green Clean Institute certified service in the U.S. that uses zero chemicals. Geoff Stone then proceeded to demonstrate the difference in airflow between a dirty AHU coil and one that was cleaned using PURE-Steam.

“Here we have a coil that is dirty or has not been cleaned properly.” Explained Mr. Stone, “And you can tell there is zero airflow going across the coil. If the air is not filtered properly dirt is going to get into the coil and get impacted. If you try to clean it with straight coil cleaner all it does is push the dirt deeper inside. So, with our PURE-Steam process, we heat this coil up with steam, up to 350 degrees(at the boiler), and what that does is break down all the sediment and washes it out of the coil.”

Watch the full interview below.

The benefits of the PURE-Steam HVAC Hygienic Cleaning are two-fold: First, mold and other volatile organic compounds are flushed from the coil alleviating potential health risks. Second, airflow across and through the coils is greatly improved which can lead to increased efficiency and energy cost reductions.

For more information on an HVAC Hygiene Assessment or PURE-Steam HVAC Hygienic Cleaning and Building Remediation Sciences please call 1-800-422-7873 .

About Pure Air Control Services, Inc:

Alan Wozniak founded Pure Air Control Services, Inc. in 1984 as a small mechanical contracting firm. Today, the firm sets the industry standard for indoor environmental quality diagnosis and remediation.

Building Remediation SciencesPure Air’s nationally performed services include: Building Sciences Evaluation; Building Health Check; an Environmental Microbiology Laboratory; Environmental Project Management; and Mold Remediation Services, among other indoor environmental services.

The company’s expanding client roster includes the FAA, General Services Administration (GSA); Allstate Insurance; CBRE, Carrier Air Conditioning; NAVFAC, DOT, USACE, US Army, and many other Fortune 500 companies, school boards, and city, state, and county governments, making Pure Air Control Services the reliable industry leader.

Pure Air Control Services was honored in the 2016 Inc. 5000 as the #1 fastest growing Indoor Air Quality Firm, as well as the 2016 Florida Gulf Coast 500.