Indoor Air and Environmental Services for Commercial and Institutional Buildings.

Humans spend 90% of our time indoors and breathe around 3,000 gallons of air a day. Serious pollutants can cause certain allergic reactions, respiratory issues and other long-term health complications. The quality of indoor air is critical for good health.

We are, Indoor Air Quality Experts. 


Indoor environments are scientifically tested for hygienic, engineering and performance issues that affect building health.


Air and surface samples collected during an IAQ investigation are analyzed to identify and quantify potential contaminants. 


Data from field and laboratory analysis is compiled into a comprehensive report that recommends specific actions for correction and optimization.


Cleaning and restoration solutions for the HVAC system and facility  improve  building health, occupant safety and energy efficiency.

Services That Improve Building Health & Occupant Well-Being

  1. HVAC-Testing-A
  2. HVAC-Testing-B

Building Health Check is an economical, yet comprehensive, evaluation of indoor environmental baseline conditions within HVAC zones.

  1. HVAC Coil Cleaning with PURE-Steam
  2. HVAC-Cleaning-B

PURE-Steam is a comprehensive cleaning of the coils and entire AHU. This valuable service provide ROI through energy savings and improved IAQ.

  1. HVAC-Restoration-A
  2. HVAC-Restoration-B

HVAC New Life is an innovative hygienic restoration service that ensures a longer lifespan and optimal performance for aging HVAC Air Handling Units.

  1. Duct-Cleaning-A
  2. Duct-Cleaning-B

PURE-Duct is a thorough, indoor air quality driven service that provides hygienic duct cleaning with the option for insulation restoration or replacement.

  1. Roofing-A1
  2. Roofing-B

Tremco Roofing delivers peace of mind to building owners, facility managers and contractors by managing roofing and building lifecycles across all industries.

Pure Air Control Services Commitment

Our Commitment

We are committed to excellence in all aspects of Indoor Air Quality. Since 1984 we have improved the health, comfort and energy efficiency of our clients’ buildings so they can realize the benefits to occupant well being and the operational bottom line.


Reputation built upon real results.

Bradley Muckel, City of Casselberry

We are already receiving positive feedback from the employees in this facility because of your PURE-Steam coil cleaning process. Their previous respiratory issues have already begun to dissipate as a result of the increased indoor air quality.

Claude Nesbitt, Collier County

I wanted to express my satisfaction with, and commend the way your company continues to, after over 20 years, provide a high quality of IAQ services to the County.

Steven D. Corson, Johnson Controls

Teachers noticed a considerable improvement in the quality of the learning environment at Hardee County Schools.

Jennis Ramsay, Miami Dade College

The Division of Human Resources is very pleased with the overall performance of the Pure Air Control Services duct cleaning crew and the job they have done.

Ryan Williams, Leon County Schools

The units look brand new and the schools custodial said the company has done a very good job. Also, my technician who moved some control conduit for them said they were very good.

Ronald Hertwig, Public Building Service, GSA
Pure Air Control Services has been instrumental in completing a challenging and very fast-moving project, including expertly coping with a non-project related pipe break and a hurricane.
Alan Sahlbach, Walgreens
Thank you for the improvements to my HVAC equipment and your staff for their professionalism. I will be inviting you back to continue with our RTU project.
Rick Gerun, Trane, Lakeland Regional Medical Center
Your staff was able to complete a job-site visit, schedule the coils for remediation and actually start the project on less than 12-hours notice.

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